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Технологии измерения

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  • AC-SECM Alternating current scanning electrochemical microscopy
  • AES-SAM Auger electron spectroscopy scanning Auger microscopy
  • AIRS Absorption infrared spectroscopy, also: abnormal infrared effect
  • AIS Atom inelastic scattering
  • APD Azimuthal photoelectron diffraction
  • ATR Attenuated total reflection (spectroscopy)
  • BB-SFG Broad band sum frequency generation
  • CDAD Circular dichroism photoelectron angular distribution
  • CDP Current density probe
  • CLSM Confocal laser scanning microscopy
  • CV Cyclic voltammetry
  • DCTS Differential conductance tunneling spectroscopy
  • DEMS Differential electrochemical mass spectroscopy
  • DESERS Deenhanced surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
  • DPDS Differential photothermal deflection spectroscopy
  • DRIFT Diffuse reflection infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy
  • DS Desorption spectroscopy
  • DXAFS Dispersive X-ray absorption fine structure (spectroscopy, measurement)

DTS Distance tunneling spectroscopy EBMA Electron beam micro analysis, see EMMA EBSD Electron backscatter diffraction ECESR Electrochemical ESR spectroscopy ECL Electrochemiluminescence ECTDMS Electrochemical thermal desorption mass spectrometry EC-STM Electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy EDX Energy dispersive X-ray (analysis) EDXD Energy dispersive X-ray diffraction EER Electrolyte electroreflectance EFM Electric force microscopy EFTEM Energy filtered transmission electron microscopy EIS Electron impact spectroscopy (also: electrochemical impedance spectroscopy)1 The use of spectroscopy in connection with impedance measurements is not reasonable, thus it is frequently discouraged. ELEED Elastic low energy electron diffraction EMIRS Electrode potential modulated infrared spectroscopy EMMA Electron microprobe (mass analysis) EMP Electron micro probe, see EMMA EMSI Ellipsomicroscopy EQCB Electrochemical quartz crystal balance EQCM Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance EQMB Electrochemical quartz (crystal) microbalance ERS Electroreflectance spectroscopy ESD Electron stimulated desorption ESDIAD Electron stimulated desorption ion angular distribution ESI Electrospray ionization ESI-FTMS Electrospray ionization Fourier transform mass spectrometry ESID Electron stimulated ion desorption ESI-MS Electrospray ionization mass spectroscopy EXAFS Extended X-ray absorption fine structure (analysis), see also: SEXAFS EXELFS Extended electron loss fine structure spectroscopy FAB Fast atom bombardment FD Flash desorption FFC Filiform corrosion FMIR Frustrated multiple internal reflectance (spectroscopy) FSCV Fast scan cyclic voltammetry FSCV–SECM Fast scan cyclic voltammetry scanning electrochemical microscope FT-EMIRS Fourier transform electrode potential modulated infrared spectroscopy FTIR Fourier transform infrared (spectroscopy), see also: FTIRRAS, MIRFTIRS, PMFTIRRAS, SNIFTIRS, SPAIRS Sometimes also written FT-IR, see there. FT-IR Fourier transform infrared (spectroscopy) FTIR-DRS Fourier transform infrared diffuse reflection spectroscopy FTIRRAS Fourier transform infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy FT-SERS Fourier transform surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy GAIRS Grazing angle absorption infrared spectroscopy GISAXS Grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering GIXAFS Grazing incidence X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy GIXRD Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction HAADF High angle angular dark field (imaging in TEM) HRSKP Height-regulated scanning Kelvin probe ICP-AES Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry ICP-AESE Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroelectrochemistry ILIT Indirect laser-induced temperature jump (technique) INSEX In situ X-ray reflection/transmission diffraction IR Infrared spectroscopy, see also: EMIRS, IRRAS, LPSIRS IRD Information rich detection IRE Infrared emission spectroscopy, internal reflection element IRRAS Infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy, see also:PMFTIRRAS ISS Ion surface scattering (spectroscopy) ITIES Interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions LD Laser desorption MEF Metal enhanced fluorescence MER(S) Multiple external reflectance (spectroscopy) MIR(S) Multiple internal reflectance (spectroscopy) MSHG Magnetization induced second harmonic generation NIR Near infrared spectroscopy NIRS NIR-SERS Near infrared surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy NIS Neutron inelastic scattering NRS Normal Raman spectroscopy NPD Neutron powder diffraction NSOM Near field scanning optical microscope OLEMS Online electrochemical mass spectrometry ORC Oxidation-reduction electrode potential cycling PAX Photoelectron spectroscopy with adsorbed xenon PDBS Photothermal beam deflection spectroscopy PDFTIRRAS Potential difference Fourier transform infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy PDFTIRES Potential difference Fourier transform infrared emission spectroscopy PDIRS Potential difference infrared spectroscopy PDMS Plasma desorption mass spectrometry PDS Photothermal deflection spectroscopy PEEM Photoelectron emission microscopy PEIS Photoelectrochemical impedance spectroscopy4 PEM Photoelectrochemical measurement PES Photoelectron spectroscopy, see also: ESCA, UPS, XPS PFM-AFM Pulsed-force mode atomic force microscopy PhD Photoelectron diffraction PHEEM Photoemission electron microscopy PI Penning ionization PIG Paraffin-impregnated graphite PIGME Particle induced gamma ion emission PIXE Particle induced X-ray emission spectroscopy PMFTIRRAS Polarisation modulated Fourier transform infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy PMFS Potential modulated fluorescence spectroscopy PMR Potential modulated reflectance PMRS Potential modulated reflectance spectroscopy PPES Photopyroelectric (photothermal) spectroscopy PSD Photon-stimulated desorption PSI Phase-shift interferometry PSP Plasmon surface polaritons PTS Photothermal spectroscopy PVS Photovoltage spectroscopy QEXAFS Quick-scanning extended X-ray absorption fine structure (analysis) RAIRS Reflection absorption infrared spectroscopy RAS Raman spectroscopy [also NR(S)], see also: DESERS,SERRS, SERS, SRS, SRRS, SUERS RAS Reflection anisotropy spectroscopy, see also: RDS RBS Rutherford backscattering RDE-EIS Rotating disc electrode electrochemical impedance spectroscopy RDS Reflectance difference spectroscopy, see also: RAS RC-SECM Redox competition mode scanning electrochemical microscopy ReflEXAFS EXAFS at a grazing angle below the critical angle of total reflection REMPI Resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization RHEED Reflected high energy electron diffraction RIBS Rutherford ion backscattering spectroscopy RRS Resonance Raman spectroscopy RTIL Room temperature ionic liquid SAM Scanning Auger microprobe SAM Self-assembled monolayer SANS Small angle neutron scattering SAPG Stress-annealed pyrolytic graphite SAXS Small angle X-ray scattering SC Surface conductivity (measurement) SDD Surface differential X-ray diffraction SDEMS Scanning differential electrochemical mass spectroscopy SECM Scanning electrochemical microscope SEF Surface enhanced fluorescence SEI Solid electrolyte interface SEIDAS Surface enhanced infrared difference absorption spectroscopy SEIRAS Surface enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy SEIRRAS Surface enhanced infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy SEM Scanning electron microscope SERS Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy SEHRS Surface enhanced hyper-Raman spectroscopy scattering SERHRS Surface enhanced resonance hyper-Raman spectroscopy SERRS Surface enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy SES Surface enhanced spectroscopy SESHG Surface enhanced second harmonic generation SEVS Surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopy SEXAFS Surface extended X-ray absorption fine structure (analysis) spectroscopy SFG Sum frequency generation SFIRS Synchrotron far infrared spectroscopy

SG/TC Substrate generation/tip collection (mode) SHEED Surface high energy electron diffraction SHG Second harmonic generation SI Surface ionisation SICM Scanning ion conductance microscopy SIET Scanning ion-sensitive electrode technique SIMS Secondary ion mass spectroscopy SKP Scanning Kelvin probe SMD Single molecule detection SMOKE Surface magneto-optical Kerr effect sm-SERS Single molecule surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy SMS-SERS Single molecule surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy SNMS Secondary (sputtered) neutral (ion) mass spectroscopy SNIFTIRS Subtractively normalized interfacial Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy SP Surface plasmon SPAIR(S) Single potential alteration infrared (spectroscopy) SPFELS Surface plasmon field enhanced light scattering SPLS Surface plasmon enhanced light scattering (see also SPFELS) SPM Scanning probe microscopy, see also: STM, EFM, MFM, AFM, SEM SPR Surface plasmon resonance SQUID Superconducting quantum interference device SRET Scanning reference electrode technique SR-GIX(R)D Synchrotron radiation grazing incidence X-ray diffraction SRS Surface Raman spectroscopy SRS Specular reflectance spectroscopy STEM Scanning transmission electron microscopy STM Scanning tunneling microscopy STS Scanning tunneling spectroscopy SUERS Surface unenhanced Raman spectroscopy SVET Scanning vibrating electrode technique SW-FTIRS Square wave Fourier transform infrared reflection spectroscopy SWNT Single-wall carbon nanotube SXAPS Soft X-ray appearance potential spectroscopy SXES Soft X-ray emission spectroscopy SXS Surface X-ray scattering TDMS Thermodesorption mass spectroscopy (TDS) TEAS Thermal energy atom scattering TEF Tip enhanced fluorescence TERS Tip enhanced Raman scattering THG Third harmonic generation TLC Thin layer cell TPD Temperature-programmed desorption TPRS Temperature-programmed reaction spectroscopy TR-SFG Time-resolved sum frequency generation TRBD Total reflection Bragg diffraction UPS Ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy UV-Vis Spectroscopy with UV and visible light VASE Variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry VSF Visible sum frequency VSFG Vibrational sum frequency generation VTS Voltage tunneling spectroscopy WAXS Wide-angle X-ray scattering WDX Wavelength dispersive X-ray (analysis) XANES X-ray absorption near edge structure XES X-ray emission spectroscopy XPD X-ray photoelectron diffraction XPS X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XRD X-ray diffraction XRR X-ray reflection

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