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Man or woman however, does not live by bread alone, and Penang is not only a gastronomic delight. The idyllic setting makes for a special atmosphere, and some of the attractions — both natural and man-made — are wonders in themselves. So, world-class food, interesting cultural sights, and breathtaking natural beauty combined together make Penang the best place for a romantic getaway. Find out more about which airlines fly to Penang here. Book your flight to Penang fr. Noodles are main ingredient of most of the local dishes, but the array of choices is pretty wide. Char Kway Teow is the most famous, and is highly-rated, but there are others. The assam laksa in Penang is different to the Singaporean variety, as are any other Malaysian delicacies you may be used to. Most are outdoor, most are on the coast, and most serve small portions of delicately decorated local food. Taking Uncle Zack by the Beach as the quintessential example, there are plenty with picturesque views and surprisingly well constructed menus, all set to impress a date on a romantic trip from Singapore to Penang.

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Drive to the Cameron Highlands Make a stop at Iskandar Waterfall and in an Orang Asli village before reaching the tea plantations of the highlands. After freshening up and taking some time to relax, meet with the guide again for the start of an introductory city tour. This tour covers a colourful spectrum of Malaysian architecture, history, cultural heritage, crafts and lifestyle.

Malacca is a historical city just a few hours from Kuala Lumpur.

Ancient Penang. Evidence of prehistoric human settlement in what is now Penang has been discovered in Guar Kepah within Seberang Perai (formerly Province Wellesley), the mainland half of Penang. Human remains, dating back to about 5, to 6, years ago, have been found at the site south of the Muda River, along with seashells, pottery and hunting tools.

Lau Pa Sat Satay Image: Teroen Elfferich Originally built as a wet market in the 19th century, Lau Pa Sat has been converted into a hawker centre where both local and Asian foods are sold. At night, a satay street is rapidly set up at the outdoor area of the food market, adding more bustle to the place. What people like The satay street of Singapore with more than 10 satay stalls: It only wakes up after dark, from Its satay stalls provide diners with skewers of chicken, lamb, beef and pork from Chinese to Muslim style.

Among those, stalls 7, 8 and 10 are the standouts. Lively street dining experience: As the city lights up, bustling atmosphere is started with swift setups of folding tables, plastic chairs and the starting of charcoal fires. The barbecue smoke carrying the irresistible aroma of the satay reveals the readiness of Singapore style barbeque party. Chomp Chomp Satay Image: Kyle Lam Chomp Chomp food centre is famous for delicious versions of numerous local dishes, especially satay, it is praised as one of the best satay in Singapore.

What people like The satay is well marinated and juicy, and the peanut sauce is thick, sweet and not too spicy. Besides satay, diners can enjoy other yummy Singapore street food like Hokkien mee, fried oyster, carrot cake, and BBQ stingray.

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October So it was Visa run time again. Only this time with the new website bangkok Savannakhet in Laos is now my preferred destination to get a Visa for Thailand.

Fishing for compliments may be a much easier thing to do than fishing for fishes. It takes a whole lot of patience, know-how, and a dash of luck to ensure that your catch is a satisfying and fruitful one.

Saturday, 4 March George Town, Penang: While waiting for our roti, scrambled egg and spicy lentils I stepped through the open door into Love Lane. I have commented before how much I love the warm embrace of a fresh tropical morning but this one was particularly special; in the middle of a great city, the quiet street felt like a waking village. Love Lane, George Town, at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning E, the guide for our walking tour arrived with a car and driver — it would not all be foot-slogging.

He was a small energetic, slightly fussy Chinese Malaysian, a retired lecturer and a man on a mission; he had a programme, and we would fulfil it. The car was necessary The short drive to Fort Cornwallis was lengthened by the one-way system which took us past the Protestant Cemetery.

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It is clearly a city on the move. Modern Penang however is better known for its swank mega-malls, mega sales, respectable big-city mega-traffic, golf, and preening mega-resorts hosting plump sun-burnt travellers from countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, UK, Hong Kong and Japan. The city remains a melting pot of gawping, sweaty visitors, splendid turn-of-the-century colonial architecture, nose-twitching spices, hot curries, football-field-size shopping malls, excellent spas, ancient temples, modern oddities, and resident Malays, Indians, and Chinese.

To convince his unwilling men to clear the land for settlements, he filled a cannon with gold sovereigns and fired it into the jungle thus inspiring his merry men who marched into the rainforest, machetes in hand, offering us the opportunity some years later, to present a robust Penang guide for latter day adventurers who can now enjoy multi-lane highways and air-conditioning. We’re not sure if any gold coins survived the melee but it’s always worth a poke around when no one is looking.

Goddess of Mercy Temple While the rush hour traffic tends to clog up historic Georgetown the business and heritage heartland and even the ribbon of road running up the coast to the beach strip of Batu Ferringhi also called Ferringi Beach , the island still has a welcomingly slow, sleepy feel to it.

Royal Belum State Park. The Royal Belum State Park is a huge park in the northern parts of Peninsular Malaysia. It is part of the even bigger Belum-Temengor Forest .

Perfect place to spot wildlife Within the state park you can do wonderful nature tours mainly boat cruises to spot wildlife like elephants , deer, wild boars, birds, insects and many tropical trees and plants. There are also quite a few endangered animal species that live within the state park; Malaysian tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros, Malaysian sunbear, tapirs and the white-handed gibbon.

Chances on an encounter with these great animals are however very slim. It is said to be the only place in Malaysia where you are able to spot all species of the hornbills. Besides, this is also one of the places to visit if you want ‘experience’ the rafflesia as there are three species of this enormous flower. Lake Temenggor is, just like Lake Kenyir , a manmade lake used for water catchment. The lake has a variety of freshwater fish species including the Kelah, Toman, Sebarau, Tenggalan and Baung, which makes it the perfect destination for anglers.

As it used to be a forest area, the place is full with small islands actually peaks of mountains and hills that can be visited. The main resorts are also located on these islands. Attractions There’s much to see and do around Belum State Park. As many of the attractions are located along Lake Temenggor, you will often make use of a boat to venture out to these places.

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Sanman June A well arranged, historical, clean, and spacious place to stay in Georgetown. Also, the host is really quick at responding back to messages. Julie May This airbnb was a great find for my husband and I. Although the location is a bit out of the center of town we found the location to be desirable.

There are food stalls on the block and a beautiful temple around the corner.

Kuala Kedah Fort. Fort at Kuala Kedah Kuala Kedah Fort (Kota Kuala Kedah or Kota Kuala Bahang) is sited at the mouth of Sungai Kedah facing Malacca Strait. The fort, surrounded by a moat, is the site of numerous battles that marked Kedah’s struggle against foreign domination and control.

First thing you need to keep in mind in KL is that Malaysia is a Muslim country. That is the source of a lot of the cultural issues and drawbacks of the place. For them Muslim law, or Sharia is in effect. Islam is also responsible for my least favorite fact of life in KL — high drink prices. Whenever you go to Malaysia be sure to pick up a couple bottles of your favorite poison at duty free on your way in.

Stay away from the Malay girls. Sharia makes it technically illegal for a girl to be in a room alone with any man not a family member or her husband.

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Open from evening till late, this open-air food court plays host to a wide variety of hungry visitors on a daily basis. Populated by stalls selling all sorts of hawker delights, the food court is divided into two sections — a Halal section and a non-Halal section the latter offering mainly Chinese cuisine. Best of all, the food available here are so cheap that you can afford to go to each stall and try everything that takes your fancy.

Spring Street was named for a spring that flowed, as far as I can tell, just north of the intersection of Spring and Greene, in what was then the northeast corner of .

Collecting Antique Chinese Porcelain – an introduction To find more info about anything mentioned here, kindly try the site search or glossary for the keywords you are looking for Two major groups – “Chinese taste” and “Export wares” When looking at “Chinese Porcelain” as a whole, I feel it helps to first of all consider that most of it easily could be divided into two major groups – “1. Chinese market porcelain” and “2. Chinese taste This is generally speaking all porcelain made primarily for the Asian market.

This could be divided into: Antique export porcelain on the other hand, very seldom carry base marks. So, you could have the mark as a sorting factor such as; if the piece is antique and carry a mark at all, it is very likely to have been made for the Asian market. Most antique western export Chinese porcelain do NOT have marks. If we forget the really old stuff and focus on the white bodied stoneware we in the west call porcelain the first specifically “Imperial” kiln was set up in Jingdezhen during the Yuan dynasty From then on, during the Ming and Qing dynasties, “Imperial porcelain” was ordered from and made by this separate Imperial kiln – located at Zhushan Pearl Hill in the city of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, where still today a thriving porcelain industry is fully functioning.

When talking about “Ming porcelain” as something very fine and expensive we are all having this Imperial Ming porcelain – Ming Guan yao – in the back of our minds. Here is also where most collectors go astray since there is a lot of porcelain which dates to the Ming dynasty without being “Imperial”. This kind of porcelain have not changed very much over the years and might therefore be hard to date properly. There is actually very little that differs between a provincial rice bowl made in the 12th century from one made in the 19th century.

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All opinions are our own. First, watch our Penang YouTube videos: But a word of warning, be prepared to eat and to eat a lot. What to do in Penang:

Print This Page Attention health professionals, teachers, and community groups! By supporting National Health Observances, you can.

Email Other Apps With music playing in every corner and the rhythm involuntarily lingers into your mortal body and heal it, Hard Rock Hotel Penang represents a quintessential beach resort with a blend of fun, hipster and trendy stay. It is located strategically in the famous Batu Feringghi beach, and being dubbed as Malaysia’s first Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel that offers an experience with unexpected attributes and lifestyles whilst indulging in the beach activities.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang resumes the tradition of Hard Rock brand by portraying an impression of funky and casual style. When we arrived at the hotel, the frontal part of the hotel was projected with purple colour, rendering a feeling of grandeur and extravagance, and somehow to us, a mysterious and sensual sensation, too. At the entrance of hotel lies a gigantic guitar which is a picturesque spot, and everybody goes to Hard Rock ought to snap a picture here to announce to the world that you are preparing to rock and roll here.

It is like, no picture no evidence right? A glass of cold and refreshing drink was served to us in the mid of checking in, and this rescue comes in time during the scorching hot weather in Penang. Click here to read about the details of room and hotel facilities in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Sleep comfortably in the king size bed and wake up on next day only by the call of soothing ocean waves.

Each seaview deluxe rooms comes with a private balcony, thus you can sit there with a cup of coffee while enjoying the breeze wafting your hairs. The balcony offers an unprecedented view of sea in Batu Feringghi and the largest free-form swimming pool in northern Malaysia whereby kids’ laughter can be heard vividly, a true reflection of a quality and enjoyable holiday.

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Soon you’ll discover why you have all the cards stacked in your favor. In fact you might be so amazed at how Chinese culture is open to you dating her that you’d take advantage of your options. In fact most Chinese men don’t want to marry a woman past the age of Chinese culture would harshly refer to her as a “sheng nu” Mandarin for ‘leftover woman’. I don’t know about you but I still find that age to be quite young. Then again I do like to date women with ‘experience’ but that’s just me.

From one UNESCO World Heritage Site to another! Melaka, which lies a little way south of Penang, is a popular tourist destination in its own right.

And the journey to the top can truly be terrible sometimes. But most of the time, the views are completely worth it. The Airbnb I stayed at in Penang was on the 12th floor technically 13th of a condo. Immediately, she took it to mean that I like hiking no idea why and said that we should go hike Penang Hill. Penang Hill has an interesting history. It was originally a retreat during the British settlement.

The peak stands m high. The trail started off easily enough… just a gentle uphill through the farm. We even saw some chickens and turkeys! But soon, the grade increased and it got harder and harder. Teresa and I slowly soldiered on. The trail has plenty of tree cover.

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But afternoon tea seems so very un-Malaysian and so very, very British? Any afternoon spent enjoying those things in beautiful surroundings is an afternoon well spent in my view. A year later, due to increasing demand and popularity, The Oriental was opened on the neighbouring site, and combined, they became the largest hotel in Penang. Unsurprisingly, there have been highs and lows throughout the years but now, the hotel has been completely restored to its former glory and a spot of afternoon tea in the elegant dining room of is a must for anyone visiting Penang.

After a few frenetic days exploring the city, this was much needed calm and luxury. Their tea selection is good and aptly accommodated our spectrum of tastes from light and floral, to something more robust.

Brisbane is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland, and the gateway to its many attractions. There’s so much to see and do, from cuddling a koala to the adrenaline rush of abseiling down the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

Imagine a massive open-air food court, but not the crappy kind of food court you find in an American mall with fast greasy food; the Malaysian food court is entirely different. Each stall only has a few different choices; they focus on one thing, and they do it well. Since there are more than fifty stalls to choose from it is easy to get overwhelmed. I suggest walking around to see what the locals are eating, if it looks tasty, ask them what it is, and you will end up having a major convo about the local fare and might just end up joining their table for dinner.

Food is everything here, and when you visit Penang you must eat a lot, about five times a day, like the locals. So, go ahead, ask a local what to eat, you might just end up on a food tour. Each has over fifty stalls selling different dishes, and it is seriously one of my favorite things to do in Penang. These hawker stalls also have nightly entertainment which allows you to peek inside the culture even more.

Some bands are cheesy, dressed in matching sequin vests and cowboy hats, some are ladyboys, and there is even an Elvis impersonator. Not sure what to eat?