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By Kate Miller-Wilson Antique Collector Whether you’ve picked up an interesting object at a flea market or you’d like to know a bit about the history of an item you inherited, there are lots of great free resources that can help. There’s no need to pay a fortune in appraisals simply to satisfy your curiosity. Identifying Antiques for Free If you’re interested in learning more about an object, the first thing you’ll need to do is identify its category. Examine it carefully, and choose one of the following categories to describe it: Manufacturers often reproduce pieces from other eras, and some styles, like Shaker wood furniture, never really go out of fashion. According to TLC Home , it’s better to look at the construction and finish of the piece instead. Examine all sides of the piece.

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Dresden was an important centre of this artistic, cultural and intellectual movement, which attracted painters, sculptors, poets, philosophers and porcelain decorators alike. This misunderstanding dates to the earliest years of porcelain production in Europe. The secret of hard paste porcelain, previously the exclusive knowledge of the Chinese and Japanese exporters, was actually discovered under the commission of Augustus the Strong in the city of Dresden The first porcelain-producing factory, however, was begun fifteen miles away in the city of Meissen, in

Old dolls Antique dolls Vintage Dolls Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls Doll face Doll stuff Beautiful Dolls Vintage ladies Fashion dolls Forward A Vintage Madame Alexander Cissy in her RARE MINTY green taffeta, tagged, polka dot dress.

In , she took a partner named Allan “Les” Rowland to handle the promotion and financial matters. By , the company claimed a million dollar gross yearly income, and, in the s, top production of dolls reached 12, per day. The 5″ Storybook dolls began being produced in late Doll bodies began being made in California in Artists painted the facial features, therefore, giving each doll its own special look.

During the war years, the potteries made bisque cups, platters, and dishes for the Navy hospitals along with dolls. The government felt the dolls were necessary for morale and demand for the dolls was high.

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More Furniture Styles Whether you collect porcelain or pottery, here are some tips to get you started. When looking at ceramics, the first thing to do is determine if the item is pottery or porcelain. The easiest way to tell pottery from porcelain is to hold the object up to a strong light source i. There are two basic types of porcelain, soft-paste and hard-paste.

You will have to search books to find and identify your doll visually. Having an approximate date of manufacture will help—if you know the date that the doll was purchased, or if the doll belonged to your mother or grandmother as a child, you can narrow that important date down to a decade or even a precise year. eBay, Doll Shops United, Doll , Antique Doll Content and Etsy are good .

Porcelain Collector Dolls Antique China dolls were made by various, mostly German companies from to the s. Glazed porcelain China head dolls unglazed porcelain dolls are referred to as Parian dolls are usually found on a wood, cloth or kid body with some dolls having partial China limbs as well. Most China dolls found, have molded painted hair, but some have a wig over a solid bald dome head.

China head dolls range in size from a tiny 3 inches to a big and very heavy 40 inches tall. China head dolls are usually unmarked, some may have a mold number or doll makers mark on the back of the neck or on the shoulder plate, thus it can be impossible to pinpoint the doll maker, so dolls are described and identified by the type of hairstyle. As hairstyles changed over the long history of China head doll making, dolls changed too, which gives us a clue to their dating.

Shown left above is a China head doll hairstyle known as Countess Dagmar ca. The photo on the right is of a Sophia or Lydia head – in other words it’s close to both hairstyles.

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Dolls from the Index of American Design Overview From early times, children everywhere have loved dolls. This program presents a sampling of different types of dolls, many of them old, rare, or beautiful, which are cherished by collectors or exhibited in museums in the United States. The history of dolls may begin in prehistoric times with idols and ancestor images.

It has been conjectured that, once the symbolic or religious role of figurines lost significance, they became toys for children.

Identify dolls for collectors, buyers or sellers of dolls in all eras & types, we include photos, full descriptions & detailed doll markings Biggest Online Resource Identifying Dolls Antique to Modern.

June 25, Details about identification and dating can be found in our book, Sasha Dolls: Information and ordering is at this website on the Sales page. Early Festival T-shirts, – The earliest festivals did not have formal souvenir outfits like we have today. But there was always someone at the festival, probably the host, who had little T-shirts made up that attendees could purchase in the sales room as a souvenir of the good time at the festival.

There are nine altogether, one each year, the six in my collection are pictured here, left to right: Two festivals, and , did not have outfits as souvenirs, instead, they are handcrafted toys.

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Expert Alan Pate notes that temple records refer to the making of a grass doll to be blessed and thrown into the river at Ise Shrine in 3 BC; the custom was probably even more ancient, but it is at the root of the modern doll festival or Hinamatsuri. In the early eleventh century, around the peak of the Heian period , several types of dolls had already been defined, as known from Lady Murasaki’s novel The Tale of Genji.

Girls played with dolls and doll houses; women made protective dolls for their children or grandchildren; dolls were used in religious ceremonies, taking on the sins of a person whom they had touched. They are good-luck charms and symbols of perseverance and resilience. Probably the first professional dollmakers were temple sculptors, who used their skill to make painted wooden images of children Saga dolls. The possibilities of this art form, using carved wood or wood composition, a shining white “skin” lacquer called gofun made from ground oystershell and glue, and textiles, were vast.

PRICE: Around $ at auction for a doll with all-original wig and body and an antique costume. COMMENTS: Large size doll with lovely bisque. MARKET TREND: There is continued collector demand for very large, good quality antique German dolls.

It paints an absorbing portrait of this unsung King, a man of deep contradictions who can be credited for bringing the British monarchy into the modern age. The decades of waiting in the wings took their toll on Bertie. He drifted, without purpose — and turned to hedonistic pleasures to fill his time, much to the disappointment of his puritanical parents Victoria and Albert. He even had a special box set aside at his coronation for his various mistresses.

Women were a passion he had come to early. Bertie, then 19, was duly dispatched to an Army camp in Ireland. The ploy could not have backfired more spectacularly. Soon after his arrival, fellow officers arranged for an actress named Nellie Clifden to be smuggled into his quarters. In his diary for , the young Prince made the following entries:

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This antique football sweater was made by Spalding and dates to the era of through An impressive piece in all regards, it is of the highest quality and a large size for the era. The applique on the chest features the lettering ND which could represent Notre Dame but we have no provenance for this piece. This is a superb antique football jersey that is worthy of any vintage football collection!

View this vintage baseball tintype and other baseball memorabilia by clicking the image above! This unusual laced basketball features extruded seams and remains in exceptional condition.

Despite their fragile nature, antique china dolls are treasured by serious doll collectors and children alike. These classic playthings made from glazed white porcelain were initially popularized in Europe during the s.

Desirability Auction Comparisons One way to determine the value of a Barbie doll is comparing it to the current selling prices of similar dolls sold at an auction, such as eBay. By using this method, you will get the secondary market value of the doll: Go to the Barbie doll section of eBay Input your information in the search box and click on search Once the page appears you are on the current listing, click on completed auctions Check each completed auctions that are for the same doll as the one you have making sure to open the auctions in case a reserve was not met.

If that is the case, the price that shows will be very low. Once the page appears it is very important to find a Barbie doll exactly the same, and in the same condition, as the one you are valuing The selling prices shown are the prices realized at auction. Those prices are a very good indication of the Barbie dolls fair market value. However, the same doll generally sells for slightly more at doll shows or doll shops since the buyers of online auction websites cannot see the doll in person.

Barbie Doll Price Guides The prices listed in Barbie doll price guides give you the book value of the doll. This is the value the doll should, or could, sell for if all the conditions were right. The following Barbie doll price and identification guides are available from Amazon: These abbreviations and the terminology they stand for include:

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Return time is currently.. No play cracks or odours and her colouring is very good. Wearing lovely old blue flowered dress, knickers and Cinderella shoes.

Antique China dolls were made by various, mostly German companies from to the s. Glazed porcelain China head dolls (unglazed porcelain dolls are referred to as Parian dolls) are usually found on a wood, cloth or kid body with some dolls having partial China limbs as well.

If your childhood included a beloved toy wagon, chances are you will find it in the pages of Coasting on Wheels, the first comprehensive published collection focusing on the childhood delight of toy wagons. Relive the joy and excitement of treasured memories through historical manufacturer reviews, updates on contemporary wagon companies, and hundreds of images including photographs, featured wagon art, and vintage advertisements, catalog pages, antique price listings, and patents.

This comprehensive collection also includes a price guide organized by manufacturer that lists the wagon model, value in mint condition, and value after restoration. Coasting on Wheels expertly guides readers through two centuries of picturesque American history through the perspective of one of its most beloved toys, the wagon. I have been making upscale children’s oak wagons for the last 10 years, providing customers with original antique wagons, restored antique wagons, classic reproduction antique wagons and large heavy-duty children’s wagons.

This is a one man business at my home in Sacramento CA. I love to show off my antique wagon collection. Set up an appointment with me if you are interested in viewing my collection:

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Wedgwood China Antique Sewing Machines Antique sewing machines are humble machines from our past that revolutionized an industry. First they were simple and served only a utilitarian function, then later they transformed into very beautiful creations. Antique sewing machines are appreciated both for what they have done for us as well as bringing us joy from their beauty.

THE HISTORY OF RAGGEDY ANN. She began as a family rag doll; an old toy, faded and worn, tossed into an attic. And there, the legend goes, a little girl named Marcella found her one wet and rainy day.

You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. Stroke of marketing genius defines a tea firm and creates a thriving collectible By: Zac Bissonnette March 31, Imagine a young executive walking into a boardroom with this pitch: Three-hundred million figurines and a legion of collectors later, it looks brilliant. The company was pleased with the results, and launched a similar promotion in , this time targeting the British market.

In , the company started including the miniatures in tea sold in the United States. In all, there have been a total of different Whimsies issued by Wade for Red Rose Tea promotions. The nostalgic appeal of quaint miniatures is a good fit with old-fashioned tea. Ian Warner, a long-time collector and co-author of The World of Wade Figurines and Miniatures II which was released in March, says that in the early days of the promotion, quality control was virtually nonexistent.

Many figurines came from the pottery with slightly differing decorations as the early figurines were hand-painted. These variations are very collectible and highly sought after by collectors. This has caused a large number of size and mold variations. Wade figurines also have a long history outside of their association with Red Rose Tea. Wade first began manufacturing Whimsies in and had been producing other figurines since the s.

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The markings indicating where the doll was manufactured, a year and “Mattel” were located there on many early Barbie dolls. Note that a date of was stamped on many Barbie and friends dolls but does not positively affirm the doll was manufactured in that year.

The exhibition explores how children re-create the adult world from their own perspective through play and toys. Now on display, dollhouses, toy trains and other playthings bring back fond memories of childhood. In play, children learned useful skills but also enjoyed being in charge of their own households, railroad yards, villages or menageries. Four-room dollhouse made in the early part of the 19th century for twin sisters living in Philadelphia.

The house passed through several generations of the same family until it was given to the Folk Art Museum. All of the furnishings are original to the house, but span the years of ownership by the Morris-Canby-Rumford family. Exhibit designers kept their young guests in mind when creating this display.

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