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Why trains are the best way to go The train journeys are a genuine Vietnamese experience in themselves, an integral part of your visit to Vietnam. You might even meet some Vietnamese people. Flying takes 4 or 5 hours out of your sightseeing day in getting to a remote airport, checking in, taking the flight itself, collecting your bags and getting back into the city centre. And the sleeper train saves a hotel bill, too. And what’s the rush anyway? Hoi An has no station, but it’s just 30km by bus or taxi from Danang. The view from the train

Sex tourism: ‘Mzungu’ women who travel to Kenya to get laid by local men

Sleeping with local women. The only difference is that unlike some of their male counterparts who go for underage girls, these mamas go for adults. Divorced, bored and out to fulfil strange sexual fantasies Apparently, when bored, divorced or single white women who are desperate for a naughty good time that no one will know about to judge them back at home where they are held in high esteem, they come to Kenya and other far flung parts of Africa.

Here, they are made to feel special and young. They stage-manage romantic affairs with the local studs whom they wine and dine while at it. Reuters recently ran a story on the Kenyan sex tourism phenomenon, detailing the story of a woman who, for obvious reasons, only identified herself as Bethan, 56 and her best friend Allie, 64 who were on their first holiday to Kenya.

Kenyan hip-hop crooner Octopizzo looks like a man who is not into dating or serious commitment when it comes to relationships. The Kibera-born rapper has been able to overcome poverty and beat all odds to become one of the most sought after rappers in East Africa and Africa as a whole.

Hey i decided to write this storo coz its real and all ladies who have done it can attest to the facts. Have u ever seen a jungu with Akinyi mwenye rasa imefika westie mwili ikiwa tao? Thin Kenyan girls do know how to screw n do the magical Kenyan 5ex. Most of the guys love kunfungua boot. They say 5ex in Kenya is special coz most of those Kenyan girls hawajawahi funguliwa boot… but ladies if u ever have been funguliwa, share with us, ama jamaa kama unafunguanga, share it here.

So the thin Kenyan girls when they stay doggy style, n they bend forward, the ass opens wide n the mzungu is able to have a clear view of her ass as well as clear penetration of her asshole…… if ushawahi manga dame ako narasa kubwa, doggy style, u understand what am saying.

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Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Closed Messay Getahun is the director of the film ‘Lambadina. Nonetheless he eventually finds refuge in a home and grows up to fall in love with the daughter in the new family Ruth , and eventually emigrates to the U. The film takes us from Addis Ababa to Los Angeles, and shows the resilience of a young man overcoming various obstacles in life.

He attended Texas Tech, studying computer graphics as well as human sciences and Family Studies. Subsequently he moved to California.

Mzungu is a Bantu language term used in the African Great Lakes region to refer to people of European descent. It is a commonly used expression among Bantu peoples in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Zambia, dating back to the.

Expat Life The drama of dating in Uganda With absent wives and ‘side-dishes’ on the menu, being a single Englishwoman in the east African country proved to be a tricky role to navigate for this expat Many expat men in Uganda have a wife at home and a girlfriend in Uganda By Charlotte Beauvoisin 6: From here it’s only a matter of time — sometimes minutes — before the inevitable marriage proposal. Welcome to dating in Uganda.

None of them have turned out to be serious of course — and sums it up really. Marriage is not such a serious matter here it seems. Many conversations are high in sexual content. Conversations with newly arrived expats are no different, turning very quickly to enquiries as to whether you have brought your family with you. The typical male expat has it handed to him on a plate. Beautiful young Ugandan women — who may or may not be prostitutes, depending on the bar you frequent — will fall over themselves to make you and your male friends the centre of attention.

The chances of finding a legitimately single expat male in Uganda are few and far between — and Lord knows we look. My female friends and I were at a party one night when an attractive guy turned up — without female company.

Train travel in Vietnam . . .

The young woman from Kisumu left Kenya to live with a man she believed she loved and that he loved her back, only to find that the guy had other plans. He has allegedly been sexually assaulting her, making her perform unorthodox sexual acts, even filming the sessions. Many Kenyans sympathised with her. I feel nothing for that silly little girl who got exactly what she deserved.

She thought marrying a mzungu was her ticket to fortune but she was miserably wrong. She knew nothing good comes from mzungus and, therefore, deserves the shame and embarrassment that the gross video doing rounds has caused her and her family.

Kenya will be a part of me forever. In almost no time at all I’ll be packing my house and saying goodbyes. What gets me through is knowing that once those things are packed they’ll land with me in a place where I feel overwhelming love and understanding.

CMB Prezzo is that one rapper who oozes lots of confidence and enviable charisma. But the rapper born Jackson Makini, knows how to court controversy much to his fans’ chagrin. Send ‘NEWS’ to to receive all the important breaking news as it happens The self-proclaimed president wears so many feathers, the latest one being ‘King Mswati’ due to his randy way with women. In one of the interviews with a local TV channel, Prezzo said every lady he touched turned into a celebrity.

Below is a list of the ladies the controversial musician has hit the sack with. The self-proclaimed president wears so many feathers, the latest one being ‘King Mswati’ due to his randy way with women. Prezzo married Daisy in a colourful wedding in and the invite-only nuptial saw the two lovebirds exchange vows at the Karen Country Lodge where journalists were locked out. In attendance were the late Fidel Odinga, former Kiambu governor William Kabogo who had just driven in a Hummer, plus host of other celebrities and local politicians.

Prezzo married Daisy in a colourful wedding in , the invite-only nuptial saw the two lovebirds exchange vows at the Karen Country Lodge where journalists were locked out. Daisy would later file for a successful divorce citing irresponsibility, heavy drug use and adultery even though the singer maintained Daisy did not like his celebrity brand.

Together, they were blessed with a daughter Zahrie, who is now seven. The King of bling introduced his pretty lass at the Golden Mic Awards gala shortly after breaking up with wife Daisy.

Mzungu ditches youthful Kenyan wife online, claims she stole his car

Her approach was similar, but much watered down from yours. I guess the West has infected her. Reply Superman June 13, at 3:

The Mzungu Boy – Kindle edition by Meja Mwangi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Mzungu Reviews: 6.

Read More Posted by: Jack Pemba after being belittled a few days back by the new tycoon has decided to relocate to Dubai. SK Mbuga is equally working very hard to verify his Facebook account following the very many fake accounts. Kyagulanyi won the Kyadondo East parliamentary seat. He did not contribute much on day one, but you can be sure whatever he said could have dominated the headlines.

Sponsored On flipping the other side of the coin, the new office and responsibilities have come with their problems too for Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi. On Saturday, Bobi Wine had to grace four functions on the same day. He started with Gayaza Junior school that was celebrating over years of existence where he was from Kyagulanyi who is the area MP was invited to come along, but unfortunately, he had left for other functions something that media reports interpreted as snubbing the Buganda Kingdom official.

Bobi Wine came out to explain. I must say it was a humiliation to the people of Kyadondo East to have their elected representative seated at a function for almost five hours and not given any opportunity to say a word.

Raila Odinga indulges in alcohol on Christmas day and supporters are thrilled

Kenya Poa 1 Comment Mr. Pleschke Heinz-Georg and Ms. Eva Karwitha during happier times in Mombasa — Kenya. A German man has accused his young Kenyan wife of stealing his car and a Ksh1, , before going into hiding. Pleschke Heinz-Georg took to his official Facebook account to post a message that took his friends and followers by surprise. After the unfortunate incidents in recent weeks, caused by the unlawful conduct before my wife Eva Karwitha , I hereby give official separation from her known.

Further, all members of this dating site MUST be 18 years or older. Kenya Sex Chat is part of the Infinite Connections chat network, which includes many other general chat sites. As a member of Kenya Sex Chat, your profile will automatically be shown on related adult chat sites or to related users in the Infinite Connections network at no.

The Open Show format is used worldwide, although I had never been to one before. It was definitely low budget. It was held in the Nest which is house that functions as a space for artistic pursuits, and all proceeds for the night came from the overpriced boxed wine being sold outside. However, it was clearly a passionate group of people. Sitawa Wafula answering questions after her film The show format was interesting.

Each presenter, or group of presenters, spoke for a few minutes about their project, then answered questions afterwards. All the presenters were Kenyans living in Nairobi although one guy partnered with a photographer from Uganda and all the presentations were about issues in Kenya. There were two deaf students who gave a presentation about the difficulties of life as a deaf person in Nairobi.

I was struck by how these challenges, for example, knowing the correct fair to pay on matatus because the price is communicated verbally and there is no set price , are fairly unique to Nairobi life.

New roles, new problems for Bobi Wine and wife Barbie

Do you travel for sex? What is even happening? Did you know that sexual tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry and surprisingly, there are benefits other than orgasm. Getting off abroad boosts the economy? Sexual tourism is not just money for sex.

A new mother has revealed how after she moved to Kenya to marry a Maasai warrior she went on to have a baby with his teenage son – who remains in Africa, while she is back in Britain.

His first born was with a lady who relocated to the United States with his son, who is now years old. The relationship ended at JKIA where he had rushed to, following a tip that she was leaving the country with his son. He arrived to find her family bidding her goodbye, with the plane humming somewhere in the background.

There are men who look like old librarians when they start balding. His baldness seems to be in conflict with his face and body which still retain prime youthfulness, making the baldness look like a misplaced metaphor on his head. His biceps speak of time spent in the gym curling weights before a mirror. Men with big biceps like nothing but curling weights before the mirror. He is dark — like wet coal. He has a strip of well-tended beard. The Grove have this business lunch deal going for 1, per pax for a three course meal.

Mzungu in Kenya, arrival

Akothee Reveals how her mzungu went crazy over her dark Luo body by November 4, , According to her posts, the story goes as follows. I hear them say if you date a white guy or have children with them, you are automatically rich. He sees his son at his own convenience. He actually pockets the monthly payments from the government for the child. I bumped into him in

It was a capital offence for a black man to rape a white womanKenyans have been treated to courtroom dramas for the last few months, starring suspects in high-profile murder cases. The judges have been the focus of attention, owing to endless.

I hope everyone is doing well and ready to read two weeks worth of blog stories! That’s right the rat is gone. Dead and gone to be more specific. I laid out poison several nights in a row before it started to actually take it’s toll on the little rodent. In the early evening I was sitting on my bed when I heard something rustling around near a plastic bag. I decided not to investigate, until I heard it a second time.

I walked over there to realize that it was our little rat friend slowly making his way around my house.

Train travel in Vietnam . . .

WhatsApp Kenyan hip-hop crooner Octopizzo looks like a man who is not into dating or serious commitment when it comes to relationships. The Kibera-born rapper has been able to overcome poverty and beat all odds to become one of the most sought after rappers in East Africa and Africa as a whole. Well, as much as his bad boy demeanor makes him look like a hard core when it comes to love, the Namba Nane artiste is very lovey dovey and when he decides to focus on one lass, he gives it his all.

When the rapper recently visited the Kiss FM studios to drop his new song Butere, he revealed that he was dating and that one of his biggest challenges was how he was going to propose since he wants to get married soon. He took to his social media account to share the beautiful moment, with a cute picture of his Mzungu girlfriend with the flashy, high-priced ring on her finger, and a simple caption that read:

That being said dating in Kenya is part of the normal social scene and in private Kenyan women are just as liberated as their Western counterparts. Kenya, like all of the countries in Africa has a pretty large gap between the vast majority of the local people and the urban elite centered in Nairobi.

Share this article Share Rebekah recalled: She decided to go to Kenya for a nine week trip in January She flew out to stay in a tin hut in Kisames, an hour’s drive from Nairobi, where there was no running water or electricity. It was there that Rebekah and Rempesa, the village butcher, started a relationship. After splitting with Rempesa Rebekah fell for his son Lawrence, 19, and she fell pregnant in august Rebekah O’Brien fell for dancer Rempesa pictured , 40 when he and his performing Maasai warrior troupe came and performed in the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich in ‘I remember him saying “I love you” to me and at first I just saw it as friendly, but my feelings started to grow,’ she said.

Rempesa Ole Kirkoya met Rebekah while he toured the UK performing traditional Maasai songs As he spoke little English, Joyce helped translate for Rebekah so they could build their relationship and even played the Backstreet Boys hit As Long As You Love me so they could all sing along to make her feel at home. Rebekah then came back to the UK in March and vowed to learn Swahili so she could return to Kenya, signing up for a course on Facebook.

Then she began chatting to Rempesa on Skype and he told her again that he loved her and missed her and it was then that she realised she wanted to be with him. Although he was married with five children – a boy and four girls aged between five and 17 – he told her their relationship was platonic and his wife Joyce herself told Rebekah that she was happy for them to marry. In March Rempesa returned to the UK to perform with his troupe, so they would talk on the phone up to four times a day and, on his last night here, their relationship became physical.

The pair are no longer together and Rebekah had their son Kito in Norwich last week. The couple when they were together last summer ‘When I got to the house, Rempesa led me to his bedroom, and Joyce went and stayed with the children. It was strange, but I was just so happy to be with him and I realised then it wouldn’t be a case of him having two wives, although I was happy to live like that. I would be his main wife and they were just friends.

Kenyan Date Gone Wrong